Ameristralia Report: An ode to a subreddit we love

Warning ahead, mates: As is typical of both reddit and particularly /r/Ameristralia, there is rough language throughout this post. So if you’re not cool with that, mate, I suggest you head on back to either New Zanada or the main page and enjoy our other sections here at We ain’t getting rid of the language, because without it, it just wouldn’t be Ameristralia. Because in Ameristralia, we’re free as hell.

Welcome to The Ameristralia Report, a potentially (if there’s enough interest in FREEDOM) recurring segment here at where we will be celebrating the wonderful, free-as-fuck union between the United States and Australia. When the two countries officially become one – and become known as “North Ameristalia” instead of the United States and “South Ameristalia” instead of Australia – you can come celebrate here with us, mates.

As the first and freest entry, I think it’s key to understand a few things about Ameristralia. Ameristralia in large part owes its beginnings to reddit, which quickly discovered that between America and Australia, the two nations were protecting freedom by day and by night, keeping the whole word free-as-fuck at all times. This led to the creation of a subreddit dedicated entirely to Ameristralia, /r/Ameristralia, which celebrates all things free with fun images and mascots. So we wish to write this ode to the greatest subreddit on reddit, /r/Ameristralia.

We have a fucking flag…

Photo credit: /u/cunt_stamp, via this thread

…which even has its own pledge of allegiance:

Photo credit: BHORNBECK, via this thread

We’ve got a national animal, the eagola…

Photo credit: /r/ameristralia, via this thread

…and even a fucking currency, the Ameristralia Dollar. You can even convert values into ASD via this converter! (Hat-tip to enigmo_ for this one.)

But what would Ameristralia be without the celebration of all things FREDDOM? Luckily for un-initiated, mates, several Matriots have made memes and mascots for Ameristralia.
Memes – ranked roughly in order of karma, because FREEDOM:

Photo credit: Adamtheclown, via this thread

Photo credit: eaglepgc, via this thread

Photo credit: AtlasBurden, via this thread

Photo credit: 21TheAssassin21, via this thread

Photo credit: MarcSuile, via this thread

Photo credit: superkev_, via this thread.

Photo credit: Parko1234, via this thread

Photo credit: GracefulWalrus, via this thread

Photo credit: fletch69, via this thread

Photo credit: SirNigelP, via this thread

Photo credit: soundunderground, via this thread

…there have also been some proposals for mascots:

There’s Captain Ameristralia…

Photo credit: AtlasBurden, via this thread

….but we all know this is actually the real Captain Ameristralia:

Photo credit: Pearbear1395, via this thread

…and he’s joined by the Iron Matriot:

Photo credit: LeCrushinator, via this thread

Ultimately, mates, Ameristralia and /r/Ameristralia have proved that there’s no such thing as too much freedom…and that’s why we love it. If there’s enough interest, we’ll write a Part II to this ode for this wonderful corner of freedom on the internet.

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